Friday, September 20, 2013


I was having a competition with my neighbor to see who had the most cars after 6 months. The first month my neighbor bob crashed his car so he didn't have one, and I had 4. The next month we both bought one new car. The next month bob bought a new car and I crashed my car. The next month I let my cousins borrow two cars and they crashed them both, while bob won a car in a raffle. On the fifth month, I bought another car at an auction, and so did bob. On the last month, Bob bought one more car, and my cousin died so I inherited 5 new cars, ending with bob having 5 cars, and me having 8. (0,4) (1,5) (2,4) (3,2) (4,3) (5,8)

Thursday, August 15, 2013


My name is Morgan Addington. I have 5 siblings, 3 older and two younger. One of my talents is running even though I don’t like it. Something im proud of is probably my dad. He worked his way up to police chief in pittsburg. My brother and dad know spanish, and now Im learning it. As a student I do pretty good during the year, except at the end. My favorite subject is English, because im really good at grammar and spelling. I have never been good at taking tests, no matter how well I know the material. I am pretty organized, sometimes If im in a rush ill get unorganized, but then ill fix it later. I’ve only liked doing math once, and it was in seventh grade when the stuff was easy and my teacher explained things really well. He showed us math movies but not boring ones. Im not good at taking tests, but im especially bad at taking MATH tests. My mind goes blank, so it helped when we were allowed to use notes on our tests. My favorite math memory was in seventh grade and my teacher showed us a movie about shapes, but it was teaching algebra at the same time. I am in this class because it was required, and I didn’t do very well in math last year because tests were most of your grade. I know that I need to learn math, even though some stuff we would never use, I know that I need to take it so best to keep a good attitude. Everybody obviously wants to get an A, but i at least want a B this year. I can earn that grade by working hard on homework, and having my parents help me study for the tests.